2018-19 UEFA Europa League Prize Money Distribution(Revealed)

UEFA Europa League Prize Money

UEFA Europa League Prize Money

Every one is Big Fan of UEFA Europe league, and we currently appreciate much. But over the games, we want to understand what the UEFA Europa League prize money distributed among the clubs. If you’re also thinking about it, then do not worry we are here to let you know about each & everything even when they accommodate each round the money which awarded to every team.

Here to understand more about the prize money, determined for 3.25 billion pounds.

A massive sum deducted as organizational prices. 295 million pounds for the competition-related price, 7 percent for solidarity payments afterward 6.5 percent earmarked for European soccer which stays with UEFA.

The remainder sum which over 2.5 billion pounds are remaining a 93.5percent dispersed among different nightclubs.

The amount broken into four sections. As the beginning amount to 140 million pounds (25% allocated). 168 million pounds assigned to the group on the grounds of operation. 84 million dollars distributed dependent on the ranks. 168 million pounds awarded to advertising pools.

UEFA Europa League Prize Money Distribution

The sum available for distribution to clubs that are participating, allocations By Place & Prediction Earnings 510 & cup million pounds diffused to the discussion of club Payments removed from the UEFA Champions League. At 2018-19 is 2.55 billion pound from that 2.04 billion pounds will be Pound into solidarity & 10 million pounds to UEFA Europe League Club.

Solidarity payments to the qualifying period of the UEFA club competitions. Under the new distribution platform, 107.5 million pounds supplied to the clubs, accordingly each team participating in the qualifying rounds will obtain these amounts each round played preliminary around – 220,000 pounds, 1st qualifying round-240,000 pounds, 2nd qualifying round- 260,000 pounds, 3rd qualifying round-280,000 pounds & these clubs that got removed from the playoffs will obtain an amount of 300,000 pounds.

However, no solidarity level provided to the winners of this round. Since their amount received by them 1st round, 2nd round or in 3rd around as important.


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