Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth, Salary & Endorsements 2018[Revealed]

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Being of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldo is not just a great player, he is also one of the best and classic players ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a big-time celebrity too with millions of followers on social media(around 322M). Not just that, He was also one of the highest paid players ever.

Taking football as a career has made him highly famous and rich.  He has invested his hard work and nothing comes cheap. And adding that, he loves what he does(that’s what one of his quotes quote). He ended up playing soccer when he was 12.

Ronaldo said that he loved what he did( and this is what one of his quotes quote). Although a career in football landed him in a good place which got him truly recognised, that too when he signed up for playing for Manchester United. He was just 16 then.

Ronaldo’s talent was immensely recognised when he played for the big teams. And not just that, his performances in soccer earned him widespread acclaim. He broke numerous records and set new heights for football which no other players might never have done or set.

Among games, he scored around 200 goals on 197 appearances. For Madrid he had played over 330 matches, scoring around 340 goals which lead to a goal frequency of more than 1 per match(which is amazing).

He received several awards, one being the PLAYER OF THE YEAR (FIFA) fives times, similar to Lionel Messi, another incredibly gifted soccer player.

These incredible performances had earned him widespread acclaim and intense worth with huge popularity. More than millions of follower on social media, making him a big-time celebrity.

Aside from his performances, Ronaldo was offered several deals with other teams to play for them instead of Real Madrid.

Although now he had signed up for Italian team Juventus (for a whopping 131M deal for four years) after playing for real Madrid(which paid him around 50M). Although he earned around a 93M previous year on playing for Madrid along with salary and all the endorsement deals.

Mounting to that, Cristiano Ronaldo is now worth 400M dollars till date 2018 which makes him one of the richest persons (mostly one of the richest players).

Being wealthy doesn’t matter that much until you spend it., Cristiano Ronaldo has a good collection of cars (as he loves speed) and beautiful mansions. His car collections include a Maserati, an Aventador, his high priced 3M Veyron, a Rolls Royce and lots of other luxurious cars.

He owned a villa in Madrid which was around 5.6M. He bought an apartment at Trump Tower in New York City which was for around 18.5M. Pretty wealthy.

Ronaldo has a huge number of endorsement deals which makes him wealthy too along with the other companies that pay him off. He is in a lifetime contract with Nike, Along with Michael Jordan and Lebron James which is worth 1Billion.

He has a sponsorship with Herbalife, KFC, American Tourister(YES), EA sports, Tag Heuer, steel companies like Egyptian Steel company (which is unusual but he thinks it as a good eco-friendly industry).

Much of an uncommon thing, but Ronaldo has his own clothing industry known as the CR7. Which makes wearables ranging from underwear to dresses.

It also makes clothingRonaldo too.  He owned hotels named CR7 branded. These run under the Pestano LifeStyle Hotels company.

Cristiano Ronaldo has further plans for More hotels and Restaurants in the future. These are one of his endorsements that he has dealt with.

Pretty much an incredible and a wealthy lifestyle as Cristiano Ronaldo has which reminds more of a celebrity type. Cristiano Ronaldo still renown playing soccer as his best and most valuable thing.

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