Paul Pogba Net Worth 2018, Salary & Endorsements[Confirmed]

Paul Pogba Net Worth 2018

Paul Pogba Net Worth 2018: Paul Pogba is one of the best players in the world among Young’s comers. He is one of the most expensive players. He has won many hearts by his game play.

Which also leads him to many awards? He is one of the most successful football players of this generation. And doing this at such an early age is just unbelievable.

Some of his Achievements Are-

A small portion of titles incorporate by Paul Pogba, four ‘Series A’ honors, two ‘Supercoppa Italian,’ ‘UEFA Team of the Year’ and the ‘FIFA Under-20 World Cup.’ Currently, he is on the ‘Manchester United F.C.’ group and the France National group as a midfielder.

Paul Pogba Net Worth 2018

It is estimated that Paul Pogba Net Worth 2018 is somewhat between $60 million to $250 million. We do not give any confirmation. We are calculating the net value of our sources.
He gets £290,000 per week, as weekly wages from the Manchester United. He is the third-highest paid a player of this season Premier League.

Earning Source

Being a footballer and played for Manchester United, his moor souse of winning is come from the matches, signing deals and weekly deals. But he has signed an exclusive agreement with Adidas brand. The deal is exclusive and for ten years. The agreement signed on a massive amount of bucks, 31 Million dollar. Except this, he didn’t have any other endowment.


He has the sponsor by a prominent sports brand Adidas.


He is fond of supercars and sports car. We can see his love and affection toward vehicles by viewing his cars collection. He has a big collection of cars; all of them are luxury cars. This shows the class and status. Some of the cars from his collections Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, and Bentley.


Being so rich and live a luxurious life. He has a good heart too, to do charity works, never uses to refuse anyone for charity, connected with NGOs personally. UNICEF, Save the Children, International Red Cross, BigShoe11. These make him a great human along with great players. He always uses to say, and He has miles to go.

Keys To Success Lines By Paul Pogba

1. Make the right decision.
Take after your energy and do what you believe is appropriate for you. No one but you can prepare for your future, and on the off chance that you stray far from your energy then you aren’t in effect consistent with yourself, and you may ruin the opportunity of a lifetime.

2. Make the most of your life.
Try not to give life a chance to cruise you by. Appreciate each moment of your life and acknowledge that you are so blessed to have what you have. Live at the time.

3. Greets the individuals who think about you.
Keep your friends and family close and esteem the time and vitality they go through with you. At last, they will be the ones that stick by you regardless of what the future may hold.

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