VAR Technology Adopted by UEFA for Champions League Next Season

VAR Technology system UEFA Champions League

In this season of champions league competition, the UEFA executive committee  has adopted the decision of using the VAR Technology system.

VAR Technology

During the last executive committee meeting of the European football union in Dublin, they have approved the introduction of Videophone arbitrators (VAR).

The new technology will be used in the central European club tournament from 1/8 final. Technology already successfully used in the other European championships.

This new feature will appear in the champions league in February 2019. VAR also decided to used in the Europa league final 2019.

UEFA also revealed that this decision is entirely based on the result of successful testing and system training.
VAR is a system under which referee can provide more accurate decision during the match.

Under this system, a referee can review their decision from benefits of doubt.

They can discuss their decision by witnessing the live video recording and by consulting with match referee. And can provide the proper choice. It makes the game more fair and acceptable.

VAR will be used in the 1/8 final of champions league 2019/20 and also in UEFA super cup 2020.

UEFA champion league,63 years old football competition  founded in the year 1955 and rebranded in 1992.

The winner of UEFA champions league directly qualifies for the UEFA super cup and the FIFA world cup. Total 80 teams participate in this tournament where 32 teams qualify for the group stage.

In the official website the UEFA head, Aleksandra Severin said that after a long period of testing and training they have decided to adopt the new technology in the champions league.

He also stated that taking VAR Technology will benefit the competition as it will be able to provide valuable assistance and also can be able to reduce incorrect decisions.

It will also make the game more fair and acceptable to the spectators. So adopting VAR will bring revolution in this competition.

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