Tennis and badminton are a really fun activity. But when it comes to choosing a good racquet for yourself, I can turn out to be a major headache for each of us. From its size to its grip and to its specified details, it needs to be properly chosen for best results and to have proper fun with that.

A good racquet like a magic wand used in this game which can make you turn the game on its head and eventually win. Choosing the right racquet is essential as tennis information. As a beginner, you might be very confused which racquet to buy or not.

A racquet should be easy to handle and managed, that’s why an appropriate racquet is essential. Following are some of the points that need to be considered before choosing a racquet for yourself:

  • The large size of the head– If your racquet has more space than other traditional racquets, it will be easy for you to hit the ball or the shuttle without missing any. Beginners should definitely choose racquets with a large area to get the correct hit and make a habit of hitting the ball or shuttle every time it approaches you. Try hitting it with the sweet spot at the exact center of the racquet. This will make the game more interesting and you will start enjoying it.
  • Grip size– Measure the grip size of the racquet by firmly holding it with one hand. The grip should be neither too small nor too big. It should perfectly fit your hand to be able to play better. The ideal grip of a normal racquet is between 4-5 inches.
  • It’s material– The beginners’ racquets usually made of materials which are highly durable and light at the same time, like aluminum. However, a slight increase in weight would provide great power. Racquets made of fiberglass are ideal for people who want equal power and control. Graphite racquets are also available in the market and they are the ideal options for individuals who want to have greater control.
  • The weight of racquets– In general, racquets which are lightweight are good for beginners. As it is easy for them to carry and play. But in case of advanced or professional players, heavy racquets are best because they offer great power.
  • Design– There are a variety of racquet designs available in the market. The choice of racquet totally depends on your skill level. Control Racquets are for professionals to offer maximum control, whereas Tweener Racquets are also very well balance racquets. Last but not the least, Power Racquets specifically designed for beginners which recognized by its large heads that make it easy for beginners to play with.
  • Strings– Normally strings under normal tension, but it easily adjusted according to requirements and specified needs. Tight strings preferred for professionals or advanced player as they bring forth more control and spin. Looser string supplies less control, but more power.

The right choice of racquets is essential, especially for beginners. You can even take the help of experts or professional tennis players while buying the racquet. Also, test and analyze a few racquets before buying one to check which suits you the best. Choosing the right one out of the stack is really important. The points mentioned above will help you to decide what kind of racquet you want for yourself.

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